4 Ultra PoE PORTS (240W)

+2 10/100/1000 TP PORTS +2 100/1000 SEP

Multiple Management Methods, Rich Security Feature
L3 Static Routing, Rapid Ring, 240W Ultra POE, -40°C / -75°C

CIS4U2G2F240 industrial L2+ managed GbE UPoE switch is the next generation industrial grade Ethernet switch offering powerful L2 and basic L3 features with better functionality and usability.

In addition to the extensive management features, CIS4U2G2F240 also provides carrier Ethernet features such as OAM/CFM/ERPS/EPS/PTPv2, of which make them suitable for industrial and carrier Ethernet applications.

CIS4U2G2F240 delivers 6 (10M/100M/1G) RJ45 with 4 UPoE (Support 802.3 at/af/UPoE, and total up to 240W) ports, 2 GbE SFP ports and RJ45 console port.

CIS4U2G2F240 provides high HW performance and environment flexibility for industrial and carrier Ethernet applications.

The embedded Device Managed System (DMS) features provides users with the benefits of easy-to- use/configure/install/troubleshoot in the video surveillance

Wireless access, and other industrial applications.

CIS4U2G2F240 is ideal to deliver management simplicity, better user experience, and lowest total cost of ownership


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