UPS for outdoor conditions - OUTDOOR UPS

Today we require a variety of solutions in the field of communication or security cameras that are resistant to outdoor conditions / OUTDOOR environment, while responding to the need for backup or protection by UPS systems.

Advice, which is a partner in many projects in difficult environmental conditions, with an emphasis on cities without violence, has integrated a product that is built according to the customer's requirement.

As a total solution for an ambient temperature of 0-50 degrees, protection against dust penetration and protection against water penetration IP54.

The AIO50-850 series is a backup and protection solution for power up to 500 watts with flexibility regarding required backup times, dry contact indication, DC and AC outputs, remote on and off.

The UPS is supplied in a suitcase.


The Advice ALL IN ONE outdoor ups at IP 54 polyester enclosures is a smart compact and reliable power supply

with industry leading design and wide range of operation temperature


  • Light weight and compact industrial design LED indicator
  • Surge protection
  • Maintenance socket
  • USB communication port (optional)
  • Dry contacts (optional)
  • Long backup solution (optional)
  • 1-10A charger (optional )
  • Ac to Dc converter (optional)
For more details contact us: - oren@advice.co.il ,03-9000920