Design and manufacture of lithium batteries

Service, planning, engineering and production of lithium batteries at the Advis factory in Kfar Saba
We have many years of knowledge and experience in the field of lithium battery production, design, fit, and manufacture lithium batteries and accumulators at the Advis battery factory
Production of lithium batteries and accumulators customized to customer requirements with lithium iron battery, LiFePO4,
Lithium titanium LTO battery and Li-Ion lithium ion batteries
A team of technical experts, including electrical engineers - worked on the development and production of battery packs,
Fast chargers and power systems for military, medical and industrial applications, ESS energy systems and UPS systems
We quickly handle the import of batteries and chargers from the leading manufacturers, including all the required standards
Advis' teams are working on renewing rechargeable lithium battery packs and replacing them with lithium iron batteries in the existing systems
We closely cooperate with the device designers and the customer's engineers to ensure that the requirements of the lithium battery are met in accordance with the design.
This clear communication, along with well-proven, customized project management processes, ensures that projects are delivered on time and at a reasonable price.

Work processes with a client
Project understanding:

Launching a project and collecting customer requirements
Editing of detailed technical specifications and ongoing maintenance of project documentation for 7 years
Product design:

Detailed electrical and mechanical design of the product
Product feasibility design and testing (without report and without approval)
Building a prototype:

Product manufacturing using rapid prototyping techniques
Design Verification:

Internal validation of the product
Creating a test plan against the technical specifications and laboratory tests
Editing a test report (not including external regulatory certification)
and building a production portfolio for serial production with customer approval

Lithium battery production Lithium battery production Lithium battery
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