Solaradge solar system


The solar system with all the advantages: monitoring down to the level of the individual panel, high safety, great profitability (up to 25% more solar energy) and more..
The solar system with monitoring down to the individual panel level.


The Solaradge solar system has unique advantages such as:
  • High safety (when disconnecting from the mains, the power is automatically turned off)
  • Flexibility in placing the panels (thanks to this flexibility there is maximum utilization of the site area and high output solar electricity production)
  • Savings in the layout of the wiring and connections (up to 70% savings in commercial and residential systems)
  • And the biggest advantage is the great profitability. (up to 25% more solar energy)
The Solaradge system works with a unique technology according to which the maximum power is produced from each panel in the solar system according to the panel's capabilities at a given time.. (the panel's capabilities change according to the seasons, radiation angles, temperature, dirt, haze, etc.) and without harmful mutual influence of other panels.
When we set up a solar system, it is our duty to test the performance of the Solar Edge system against the performance of a normal solar energy system and only then can we decide which system is suitable for us.
Solaredge systems have been installed in over 30 policies, on four different continents. Over a million power extraction units have been sold worldwide.

The system includes: single-phase and three-phase solar voltage converters with a maximum efficiency of 98%, power extraction units and a monitoring system that controls the performance of the entire system, of each converter separately and of each PV collector separately (its capabilities: locating faulty collectors, analyzing and comparing performance, identifying problem areas , analyzing the performance of the system up to the level of the collector immediately after repairing a malfunction/replacing a solar collector or/and after performing routine maintenance).