Specifications Quality Requirements

1.General requirements for all purchased items.

1.1.It is the supplier to deliver the items  according to the purchase order requirements.
1.2.All requirements specified in this quality specification require are part of the order.
1.3.ADVICE may decide the range of the parts testing on receiving inspection.
1.4.Each shipment must be of the same production order. Mixed batches will be returned to supplier. Moisture sensitive components will be provided in packaging and stand up. The following information will be written on the packaging.
1.6.1.supplier name.
1.6.2.ADVICE purchase Order No.
1.6.3.ADVICE Part Number According to ADVICE purchase Order.
1.6.4.Pack Quantity.
1.6.5.Warning of E.S.D.-sensitive components according to the latest IPC 610. The supplier will keep the records of the product documents – Receiving inspection documentation, inspections and audits and production documentation for 7 years from the date of delivery or on a special request by ADVICE

2.General requirements for off-shelf item catalogs ESD-sensitive items will be provided in appropriate packaging that includes protection against electro static discharge.
2.2.The original Provider or approved supplier COC will be provided for each item.
2.3.Row materials will be accompanied by the manufacturer's COA (Material Analysis) Certificate.
2.4.Consumable materials will be provided with MSDS toxicity report
2.5.All items with a limited lifespan shall be valid for 75 percent of the life defined by the manufacturer at least or by specific definition of the same material in the order documents.
2.6.On shelf-life materials / products (expiry date) indicate the expiry date on each package including production date and special storage conditions if required.
2.7.Electronic components older than 24 months must not be provided.
2.8.Measurement equipment provided shall be accompanied by a validated calibration certificate by a National Laboratory Certified Authority and testing and use instructions.
2.9.If required, the components supplied are NON ROHS components only and to which the manufacturer's statement will be attached to meet this requirement.
2.10.Electrical components will be meet the standards of RoHs and REACHE 

3.3. General requirements for items manufactured according to the specifications of the ADVICE.

3.1.The work must be done according to the ADVICE document settings with full compliance with the documents.
3.2.It is the responsibility of the supplier to check with ADVICE Company that the description of the item and the documents defining it in the order are in conformity with the company's requirements.
3.3.The Supplier shall certify to its sub-suppliers the quality requirements of ADVICE as far as this order is concerned and shall be verified when receiving the products from its sub-supplier.
3.4.Exceptional Product - Any exceptional product that does not meet the order requirements, specifications, drafting, etc. will pass through the MRB Committee and report immediately to the Quality Assurance Manager at Advisory, regarding the same for exceptional products from the supplier's sub suppliers.
3.5.The Supplier will report to Advisory on any changes to the product or work process as far as they are concerned with this order and will receive confirmation of the change in the product or process.
3.6.In any case where the order is for production operations under subcontracting the executing employees will have the appropriate qualifications for the production of the requested product and if necessary documentation will be provided as proof of their qualifications at the request of the company.
3.7.Advice Company, its customers for this product and the relevant law authorities are entitled to free access (with prior coordination) to facilities that take part in the execution of the order and all documentation available for the order with the supplier.
3.8.Subcontractors engaged in special supplier processes to which the order was transferred will be approved by Advisory as a condition for their operation.
3.9.Attached files-
3.9.1.The subcontractor's COC will be provided for each item
3.9.2.COC Reports of Special Process Subcontractors
3.9.3.If required in the COT order of the tested dimensions
3.9.4.If required in ordering COA of the materials used
3.10.The UAV will not perform repair or use as is (as is) in the products provided to the Advice Company (even after the passage of the MRB Committee) without the approval of the Advice Company for this.
3.11.If there is an order requirement - for any item manufactured to specifications and first ordered within the last two years of the order, FAI will be made by the manufacturer on the basis of standard AS9100 requirements. (If a change is made to an item, the FAI is repeated as requested by the change and its derivatives)
3.12.The vendor will refer to the KC key features as required in the purchased product documents.
3.13.If there is any significance to this, the ordering of foreign bodies by the sub-supplier (FOD) will be required during the order.
3.14.Preventing the use of suspicious or fraudulent parts
3.15.Assurance that the vendor

• Aware of their contribution to tailoring services and products
• Their contribution to product safety
• The importance of ethical behavior

3.16.Statistical sampling will be performed according to RH 1.5 to C = 0 as defined in the table  ZERO ECCEPTABCE NO. SAMPLING PLANS / SQUEGLIA
3.17.Each item provided will be subject to foreign entity (FOD) testing


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