תיאור מוצר
Kepco¹s ABC bench power supply embodies the latest features: keyboard data entry, interactive digital display, integral GPIB support, software calibration, high frequency switch mode conversion, wide range input (85-264V a-c) and power factor correction. It meets the EN 61000-3-2 harmonic limits. A built-in EN 55022 Class B input EMI filter is provided. Integral External Trigger and RS 232 ports are now standard features.

  • Direct entry of voltage and current from the keypad with up-down slew buttons
  • A two-line, sixteen character back-lit display prompts you for settings and reports back what the ABC is delivering to the load
  • All full scale and zero adjustments are made with the keypad and are stored in non-volatile memory. Calibration is password protected
  • Kepco¹s ABC is controlled over either GPIB or RS 232 and understands SCPI and IEEE 488.2. VISA driver provided
  • ABC are automatic crossover voltage/current stabilizers with full control in both modes
  • Overvoltage and overcurrent protection are standard and fully programmable
  • The high efficiency switching topology used in ABC requires no forced air mechanical cooling
  • A highly effective multi-stage output filter keeps the output ripple and noise down to linear levels...without the heavy metal
  • A non-volatile memory stores 40 different combinations of voltage, current, overvoltage, overcurrent and time interval. They may be recalled individually or in a step sequence
  • External Trigger port allows either hard wire or software triggering to presets