תיאור מוצר
Series BOP-MG: Bipolar Power Supplies, High Power, 4-quadrant, Analog/Digital/Local Control, Low Ripple/Noisae.

  • Full 4-quadrant, 1000 watt,source-sink operation
  • Energy recuperation for general use, during sink-mode, through a bi-directional PFC circuit
  • Meets the EN61000-3-2 harmonic limits
  • High efficiency switch-mode operation
  • Operating Modes: Voltage Mode with Current Limit or Current Mode with Voltage Limit
  • Nine MG Models provide output voltage from ±6V to ±100V, output current from ±10A to ±125A
  • Three GL Models provide output voltage/current of ±10V/±100A, ±20V/±50A, ±50V/±20A
  • Full digital control with built-in standard GPIB and RS 232 interface. Understands SCPI and IEEE 488.2; VISA driver provided
  • Analog control available via external reference
  • Waveform Support. Able to produce standard sine, square, ramp or triangle outputs as well as user-specified non-standard waveforms
  • Transient Support. Can be programmed via the GPIB or RS 232 interfaces to create a transient, changing the output for a fixed period and then returning to the original state
  • Can be triggered by external source
  • Can output trigger to synchronize LIST command among multiple units and/or external devices
  • Can sample output voltage or current during LIST command execution
  • Rejection of line-related ripple/noise from digital readback for 50Hz and 60Hz
  • Quick Setup. 99 setups can be stored and recalled; each setup includes operating mode, output on/off, main channel reference type and value, and protection reference type and value
  • MG Models: Large graphic LCD, displays settings and actual output
  • MG Models: Keypad control from front panel with menu to access functions
  • Calibration adjustments are made either locally with the keypad (MG Models) or remotely through the GPBI or RS 232 interfaces, and are stored in non-volatile memory Calibration is password protected
  • CE; Complies with the requirements of the Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC and the Marking and Declaration Directive 93/28/EEC and the EMC Directive 89/336/EEC