Converged Power System

תיאור מוצר

The Eltek Converged Power System (DCPS) is the ultimate combination of flexibility, availability, and sustainability, providing a unique modular architecture that will solve any present and future power need. Whatever the load requirements, or voltage levels, AC and DC, all can be provided by the same infrastructure. Using industry leading high efficiency power conversion modules, innovative design and comprehensive monitoring and control features to fully optimize the potential of the power infrastructure.


  • World’s highest availability
  • Future proof compact design
  • Modular ‘hot plug-in’ design for
  • ultra low MTTR(
  • Optional dual ac source system
  • Flexible power management to precisely track it cloud loads for optimal energy usage
  • Redundant controllers for increased reliability
  • Extensive alarm & control facilities including remote control capabilities
  • Flexibility for multi DC output voltages and ac output voltages
  • Industry leading efficiency: lower power consumption & heat dissipation