Flatpack S 24V/3x2kW

תיאור מוצר
The flexible alarm and monitoring options combined with bulk output, makes this 3U system a superb building block for various industrial applications.. The Flatpack S 3U 3x2kW rack has 3 separate DC systems consisting of 2 redundant rectifiers and 1 controller. For flexibility two of these systems can be paralleled to create a system with 4 rectifiers for greater output power or increased redundancy. All rectifiers have separate AC feeding allowing for redundant AC sources for each output. All rectifiers have intelligent selfprotective features like reduced output power at high temperatures or low mains. The Flatpack S 24/1000 SIL3 OVP, has SIL3 on output voltage exceeding 30V. It is capable of handling double fail and has a proof test interval exceeding 15 years.

  • Compact and shallow (265mm systems depth)
  • High Power Density
  • Accepts DC input (DC/DC converter)
  • Alarm relay output – basic monitoring without controller possible
  • SIL3 rated output Overvoltage Protection
  • Meets DnV Class B and EN-60945 EMC requirements
  • Offshore and process industry
  • Safety and Automation Systems (SAS)
  • Marine
  • Communication onboard ships
  • Railway infrastructure
  • Control & protection
  • Signaling
  • Power Utilities
  • Control & supervision
  • Detection and fire protection
  • Automation