Flatpack2 24V/48kW DC Power system

תיאור מוצר
The combination of high voltage for cost effective distribution and DC directly from redundant battery strings and redundant rectifiers, makes this system ideal for powering critical equipment in ships, or offshore platforms.

  • Reliable and efficient power system
  • The high efficient Flatpack2 24V/2000W HE rectifiers makes sure that 95% of supplied energy from mains or generators are fed into the load and batteries. This allows huge savings in operational cost, and it can also have a significant environmental impact
  • Applications
  • This type of equipment may be used as central 24V DC power with battery backup in many different areas in ships or Offshore platfiorms; the bridge, engine room and cargo room.
  • The Controller Smartpack 2 is equipped with WEB browser and Ethernet connection.
  • This enables the user to supervise and monitor the rest life time of the battery and the battery condition from a remote location.
  • The enclosure is adapted to the environment and if necessary equipped with vibration absorbers
  • The system can be fed by both generators and harbor mains or with DC voltages 110VDC/220VDC.
  • Wide input voltage and frequency ranges of the Flatpack2 rectifiers allows for problem-free feeding of the power system around the world.
  • Small to large
  • The modular concept of the Flatpack2 systems makes it easy to scale the Flatpack2 24V/48kW to fit specific power needs from 4 to 48kW. A system with unused rectifier positions can be expanded later simply by adding more rectifiers.
  • Global compliance
  • Eltek is among the market leaders in all regions in the world, and designs the core products to be compliant to all relevant standards and customer requirements. This Flatpack2 system is CE marked and DNV approved.