Flatpack2 48V/8kW

תיאור מוצר

The Flatpack 2 Integrated system is a compact and cost efficient system designed to be mounted into racks, cabinets or enclosures. Optimal energy saving is achieved with the original high efficiency rectifier - Flatpack 2 HE.

With a variety of rectifier modules, controllers and system functionality, the Flatpack 2 power systems can meet most customer demands and is the ideal solution for new installations as well as retrofit or efficiency upgrades.


  • Proven Reliability
  • Flatpack2 2kW & 2kW HE
  • Modular Monitoring and Control
  • -Total system control and overvie
  • -Remote control & monitoring
  • -Built in web-server
  • Flexible Distribution with plug-in battery breakers
  • Optional Battery and Load disconnection
  • Scalable and future-proof
  • Simple access for service and installation
  • Mobile / Wireless
  • Radio Base stations/ Cell Sites
  • LTE / 4G / WiMAX
  • Mobile Switching Center (MSC)
  • Microwave
  • Broadband
  • Fixed
  • Central Office
  • Telephony servers / switches
  • Fiber Optics / FTTx
  • Microwave
  • Cable
  • Broadband