Flatpack2 IBB System

תיאור מוצר
The basic power core has 4-8 rectifier positions, a controller and a bulk DC output feed, that can be used in the FPC cabinet with possibility for optional DC distribution, battery breaker and connection unit. The power core is prepared for any Flatpack2 rectifier module and depending on the rectifier choice the system output can be either of the following: 24V/40 - 300A, 48V/15 - 300A, 60V/15 - 266A. 110V/10 - 134A, 125V/10 - 128A, 220V/5 – 73A.

  • Industry ApplicationsIBB Systems includes the FP2 High efficiency rectifier for DC power supply facilities and can be used with or without battery. All in all this gives the Industrial Building Blocks (IBB) superior flexibility and can be used in a various kind of application such as;
  • Low & High Voltage switchgear
  • Transformer & SUB Stations
  • Power Generation & Distribution
  • Emergency lighting systems
  • Rail applications; Telecom, signaling and power conversion
  • Industrial control systems
  • Process and Heavy industry
  • Key FeaturesThe modular concept has a lot of benefits compared to traditional solutions in the industry:
  • Pre-engineered systems and building blocks
  • Easy installation & commissioning
  • High efficiency; less power consumption and heat dissipation
  • Overall Size and footprint of cabinet: 50% of Thyristor
  • Controlled Size
  • Modular Hot Plug-in Construction allows
  • Redundancy; n+1, n+2… configurations
  • Very low MTTR; < 5 minutes
  • Very high MTBF > 350000 hours
  • Extensive control & alarm functions with remote control capabilities
  • Optional built in VRLA batteries (up to 125VDC)