תיאור מוצר
The KLR Power Supply Series are automatic crossover, 1U high, 2400-watt voltage/current stabilizers with a full rectangular output characteristic within the voltage and current ranges listed in the Models Table. For each model a multitude of limit models can be configured. Limit models allow the unit to be configured to maximum settings below the rated voltage and/or rated current. When a limit model is established the unit will not accept programming values above the user-defined limits.

  • Switch mode topology for cool, efficient operation
  • GPIB and isolated analog programming included on all models
  • Built-in RS232 at no extra cost (standard Models only)
  • LAN control optional (E-Series Models only), replaces standard RS 232 interface
  • True 1U height, no spacing required between units when rack-mounted
  • Front to back air flow allows full power operation without spacers between supplies
  • Five models:
  • - All models include GPIB interface
  • - Standard models (no Suffix) include RS 232 interface
  • - E-Series (E suffix) include LAN interface: KLR 20-120, KLR 40-60, KLR 75-32, KLR 150-16, KLR 300-8
  • A-c input, 200-240V a-c with PFC