Medical - PCB Type

תיאור מוצר
30W-400W Miniature Green Open Frame Type and Enclosed Type Medical Power Supply

  • Compact size, 3"x2" for RPS-30/45/65; 4"x2" for RPS-120/200
  • PCB type, non-PFC for small wattage models
  • Medical safety approved (2xMOPP)
  • Low leakage current
  • Suitable for BF application with appropriate system consideration for selected models

Specificatiom- Medical - PCB Type


Dual:MPD-45 / MPD-65 / MPD-200 /RPD-60 / RPD-75 / RPD-160

Triple:MPT-45 / MPT-65 / MPT-200 /RPT-60 / RPT-75 / RPT-160