Flatpack2 HE Front End

תיאור מוצר
Designed for operation either with or without batteries, and either stand-alone or in systems
  • Flexibility and reliability
  • Extensive use of digital controllers enables advanced functionality to meet most customers’ requirements. It also provides intelligent self-protective features like reduced output power at high temperatures
  • To ensure full redundancy in solutions without batteries, the rectifier has an active OR-ing function using a MOSFET transistor, as well as auxiliary 12V and 5V output that can feed an external controller
  • Plug and play
  • Plug a new rectifier into an Eltek system, and it automatically logs on, gets an assigned ID, downloads the system set parameters from the control system and starts up with a minimum of installation time— without interrupting the system or attached equipment. It also supports active load-sharing between parallel rectifiers
  • In systems delivered without an Eltek controller, the rectifier’s main features are still available, including: Active load-sharing, power on/off, AC ok/fail, DC ok/fail. More advanced control/monitoring features are accessible through the I2C and CAN communication buses
  • Industry Applications
  • Wireless, fiber and fixed line communication
  • Broadband and network access
  • Power supply for servers and computers