Powerpack 48V/11kW

תיאור מוצר
Powerpack11kW is the ultimate building block for large central office telecom power plants. The fully DSP controlled rectifier have a high-efficient performance under all working conditions. The unique form factor and module design gives best possible heat management and easy operation of the DC power plant with the Powerpack rectifier. Digital communication over CAN bus with Smartpack simplifies system design and improves flexibility. Bay configuration of Powerpack systems is possible by adding up to 10 modules in a 23” cabinet.

  • Highest Efficiency in Minimum Space
  • Industry-leading power efficiency is achieved using resonant topology, which contributes to the rectifier’s ultra compact design
  • Digitally Controlled
  • Full DSP based control processes provide excellent rectifier monitoring and regulation characteristics
  • Heat Management
  • Unique form factor of the module give a high efficient "chinmey" effect in system cabinet for best heat management
  • Wide AC Input Range
  • Wide AC input tolerances for operating at global 3ph mains voltages. Automatic derating below nominal range on high voltage version
  • Local Rectifier User Interface
  • LCD display with push buttons for local monitoring and calibration of individual module. On/Off switch for manual operation