Row-based Cooling Solution

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Cooling infrastructure is a significant part of a data center. The complex connection of chillers, compressors and air handlers create the optimal computing environment, ensuring the longevity of the servers, and the vitality of the organization they support. Row-based cooling units can be placed in the row to reduce energy consumption by supply cooling directly to the aisle, it can be utilized as a supplement to raised-floor cooling. For maximum application flexibility, Row-based cooling units are available in multiple capacities and configurations: -300mm Wide: 25kW chilled water-based cooling unit or air cooled. -600mm Wide: 50kW chilled water-based cooling unit or air cooled.

  • Placing the unit in the row to maximum the cooling capacity.
  • Self-adapt to changing the conditions to provide precision environmental control.
  • Lower the total cost of Ownership
  • 300mmWide or 600mmWide cabinet minimizes floor space.
  • Designed for higher return air temperature to maximize cooling capacity and increase efficiency.
  • Easy access to the unit through front or rear door.
  • Variable speed fans reduce energy consumption during off peak cooling periods and adapt to unpredictable power densities.
  • Caster mounted for easy placement.
  • Adapts to work in both new and existing data center environments.
  • Horizontal airflow cooling design is suitable for non-raised or raised floors.
  • Ideal Applications
  • Small to medium-sized data center or cold/hot aisle configurations.
  • From 2 to 24 racks.
  • Optimal for cold or hot aisle configurations.
  • Raised and non-raised floors.
  • Row based equipment allows for all serviceable components to be replaced/maintained in the hot or cold aisles.
  • Rooms with a low ceiling where air cannot be ducted.
  • Real time display of current and available cooling.
  • Automatic reset after blackout and Standby management.
  • Microprocessor controller – Graphic display.
  • Building management system integration.

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